magic happens

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close your eyes..and take a deep breath....

we nodigen jou uit om even de tijd te nemen en lekker weg te dromen

Wil je heerlijk luisteren naar het ruisen van de zee, met je blote voeten op het zand?

Relaxed wakker te worden met het geluid van krekels en vogels?

Met zonsopgang de dag beginnen met een verfrissende Hatha Yoga sessie?

In een prachtige Botanic Garden ontbijten?

Verbinden en connecten? Nieuwe inzchten krijgen over jou en je leven?

Leren hoe je " kapitein op je eigen schip ' wordt


Je voeden met nature en schone lucht? Zwemmen in de eindeloze zee?

Verse en gezonde avondmaaltijd aan zee? Genieten van lange zwoele avonden?

Een schitterende sterrenhemel boven je en voldaan in slaap vallen?



 Magic Happens

Dive in our Yoga & Coaching Travels

               Everything change, nothing remains without change

               ~ Buddha

We wish everyone wisdom, love and health. As everyone can understand we decided to cancel the retreats until november 2020. ♡


If you want to follow online yoga classes during this hard periode, if you need a virtual hug,  if you need someone to share your thoughts with, if you want to meditate with someone online, if you want to breath together...

click HERE. 


why magic?

Why Magic Retreat?

We think that life is MAGIC, if you really discover your own power and who you REALLY are. 

We have choosen for this location with a special reason, because Costa da Luz is a High Energy Field! Your energy is already charged. Costa da Luz means: Coast of Light. 


When you learn to experience big changes with simple breathing techniques, yoga and meditation than you are a real Magician.  

We will teach you during this MAGIC Retreat to discover the Magician inside yourself and to discover that YOU are the Director to create the life you want!

Are you going to join us?


you will stay here

this will be your daily life


Everyone who needs to let go and receive new insights...

Everyone who REALLY need time for themselves...

Everyone who likes to be pampered and in the mean time miraculasly do some innerwork...

Everyone who can use some backup to really make the life changing steps in their life...

Everyone who is open to learn to know themselves...

Everyone who would likes to discover the IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE is in their life...

Everyone who would likes to learn more about Yoga & Mindfulness and learn how to use these tools in their Daily Life...

Everyone who Loves Life and wants to discover how to create more Joy and Quality into their life...

Everyone who had a life changing experience and wants to have a break to charge themselves...

Everyone who just wants to have a FABULOUS time...

Who can join this Magic Retreat?


Yes! I would love to join

Reserveer je plek hier!

wij raden dit iedereen aan! 

Data & Prijzen

Contact Info


123 - 456 - 7890


the location

The location is "Top secret" also know as "the secret" of the cook... We can assure you that you never want to leave anymore. The Hotel is located near the ocean and has a private beach.

The rooms are amazing beautiful and luxurious. You sleep on the finest beds and every room has it's own facilities. If you don't want to swim in the ocean, Fine! There is also a big pool on the terrain. 

Would you like to wander by yourself? Litterally you walk outside the backdoor to step into the Natural Park and don't be surprised if you come across typical Andalusian White Horses. 

Do you still miss "city" life? Tarifa is five kilometers away form the hotel. Tarifa is a lifely and wonderful authentic village! 

You can read here what to more

30 mei -  4  juni - HALFVOL

20 juni - 24 juni -  6 plaatsen

3   sept- 8  sept -  8 plaatsen

10 okt  - 15 okt - HALFVOL

Vanaf 795 all - in

Marianne Berendse, executive director 

 Aliye is a fantastic Yoga teacher and lead the group with the perfect balance of gentle encouragement and limit-challenging guidance.

Suzanne de Moor, director More Advice

This yoga, meditation and coaching retreat in Adalusie was MAGIC! Magic on different levels. It was nice not have to fulfill the different rolls in daily life (kids, work, family & friends) and just be Suzanne. 

Dimitri Sarton


Aliye is a good teacher, she gives personal attention to invite you in a yogasession. Special for people with not or less yoga experience, she makes the class low-threshold and accessible. 


Elisabeth Konigbauer,


Aliye is a great yogateacher with a high degree of sensitivity of the group and you individually.

The yoga sessions but also the interaction with the group of beautiful people were especially enriching. I can really recommend this experience. 


Are you ready for our Magic Retreat?

Are you ready? To charge yourself, fulfill yourself and off course to learn how to become Captain on your own ship! With Meditation & Coaching you will learn to observe your own sabotaging thoughts and habits. And to break through. We are specialized in: Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Kundalini inspired, Mindfulness & Meditation and Healing. 

You will return like a new person and you are inspired how to do things differently and make your dreams come true. You will also learn how to plan relax moments in daily life and how you can use your breath to reduce stress or let it completely disappear.


You will return home Reborn!

And with bonus! With the FREE coaching session you will receive tools how you can get the control back on your Mind and Life!




 'I am so relaxed that I have no gravity.'

I have had a wonderful week and finally made the decision to start my own business; all the pieces of the puzzles fits. I can recommend everyone to join!

Harry Somsen 

-Finance Controller 

Yoga Mindfulness & Meditation

The meaning of Yoga: to join and connect.To connect Body, Mind & Soul and to connect with your body. Bring balance and learn to listen to your body and intuition. This is an important tool to learn the unlimited possibilities of your body, mind and life. 

Mindfulness & Meditation has a significant effect on your brain. With simple techniques you can learn to stop behaving patterns and reduce stress, this result to a different perspective in life. Pro- active instead of reactive. Master you Mind!

During the Magic Retreat we will teach you with simple techniques and tools to gain more energy, deal better with stress and feel more relaxed. Because your practicing daily Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation you will learn a lot about yourself. We will guarantee you will return back home transformed and tips to incorporate in your daily life. 

We recommend this to everyone

6 daagse luxe retreat

995 euro op basis van een gedeelde 

*super - de - luxe kamer

Dit is inclusief alle overnachtingen , luxe ontbijt, diner en alle 

groeps- NLP & Yoga lessen.Plus extra bonussen zoals 

ademhalingstechnieken en voeding


verder vind

je alle praktische informatie hier! 

Koptekst 6

early bird korting 100 euro

boeken voor 21 maart!

Kleine titel


Kleine titel

alleen Yoga!

Alleen Yoga!

Wil je liever je private room? Dan betaal je 145 euro extra ♡


7okt. - 12  okt. 2020

6 daagse Magic Retreat

795 euro for a super- luxury - shared room

Inclusive all nights, luxurious breakfast buffet, dinner and all Group Meditation & Yoga sessions. Extra's breathing exercises, private coaching and more!


All practical information here


The Program

To offer enough freedom and space, we have made a "soft program", to create your own retreat. Off course YOU decide what you want to experience during this retreat and you welcome for more coaching and/ of sessions. Our retreats are Exclusive and Authentic to offer Personal guidance. Max of 12 participants. 

  • Sunsrise Hatha Yoga & Meditation on the beach *

  • Breakfast

  • Time for yourself

  • Time for a booked private session

  • Beach time or what ever you want to do

  • 1 hour free private session 

  • Yoga and/or meditation session

  • Possibility SunSet Meditation** 

  • Diner.

* Time of Sunrise is in June earlier than in April.

**Time of Sunset is in June later than in April.

          Dates & Price

Okt 10 - Okt  15  2020     795 euro 

March 2020                      795 euro

May 20 - May 24 2020     795 euro

Okt  7  - Okt  12  2020    795 euro

Click here for all practical info or contact us! 



Would you like to have more Exclusive attention and Coaching? 

By yourself? Or with friends or colleagues?

Please contact us!

We can make a Special Suited offer.

Meet us...

Magic Retreat is born from a Passion and Mission to make it possible for everybody to transform and to discover the spark inside yourself. 

My name is Aliye van Pijkeren, and i'm a professional Yogateacher and Coach, 

I welcome you to meet Yourself in Andalusia and to teach you tools and techniques to learn to transform Yourself.



Dates & Prices

10 okt -  15 okt   2019    795 euro all-in

 MAART              2020    795 euro all-in

20 mei - 24 mei  2020    795 euro all-in

7 okt  -   12 okt   2020    795 euro all-in

                          Do you have questions?

                              Please contact us


00316 52 73 60 50


00316 52 73 60 50

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