Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions:



With booking by SoulWare, situated at Aelbrechtskolk 35b, 3025 HB in Rotterdam, Chamber of Commerce 53806662

1. Booking

The booking is officially registered after conformation of MR.



2. Payment

After the booking the participant receives a confirmation with an invoice of the deposit of 50% of the total travel sum. This invoice has a term of payment of 5 days. The rest of the payment has to be done 10 weeks before the start of the retreat to MR. With booking within 6 weeks before the retreat, the whole travel sum needs to be payed in once. Within 1 week after the confirmation of MR and 1 week before the start of the retreat the whole sum has to be payed. If the travel sum not is payed within the asked term, the reservation can be immediate effect and cancelled by MR. In this case the cancellation policy will be applicable as stated under term 6. 


3. Travel sum

The prices on the website are the prices per person.


4. Program and Program changes 

By unforeseen circumstances it can be that the program will be changed. In this case the participant has no right on restitution of a part of the travel sum. This is also applicable for changes in flight schedules. If a trip has to be cancelled in force majeure like political situations, natural disasters, weather conditions and unforeseen local situations or whatever reason, MR will make any effort to offer a equivalent alternative on a later date.


5. Not enough participants

If the amount of participants is less than the minimum of 6 persons and as mentioned on the website, is MR entitled to cancel the retreat, until 6 weeks before the start date of the retreat, without being accountable for any kind of damage. We advise you to wait with booking of your flight. In the case of cancellation of the retreat, MR will try to offer another retreat in a later period. The already payed travel sum will immediately returned if the participant not want to make use of any possible offer.


6. Cancellation participant (m/f)

Cancellation of the retreat by a participant is only possible in writing and registered letter. The date of cancellation is on arrival of the received letter. The cancellation is also requested by email. There is no refund on the deposit of the travel sum. If the cancellation is within 8 weeks before the retreat the participant has to pay the total travel sum. 


7. Insurance

The participant is obligated to ensure a travel insurance in any case of help or assistance of the participant. To ensure a cancellation policy is highly recommended 


8. Travel documents

The participant of the retreat has to have all legal travel documents, like valid passport/ ID-registration and vaccins. In neglect of this obligations the participant is responsible for the resulting costs and partial or total absence of the retreat. MR is not responsible of any loss, damage or lost luggage and travel documents during the trip and stay during the retreat on location. The participant is responsible for taking care of the travel documents stated in article 7. 


9. Obligations of MR

MR is responsible for a good execution of the retreat stated on the website.

MR is not responsible for damage originated by: shortcoming of the execution of the agreement on based upon the health condition of of the participant;

Circumstances who are not to blame on MR and of the law of social traffic of the reasonableness of the organization; force majeure situations like changes in the flight schedule, war situations, natural disasters, strikes, political circumstances;

theft, loss, damage of property;

illness, allergies and injuries of the participant;



damage of against which the participant is ensured (in which care-, travel and/of cancellation insurance is providing coverage), also liability of damage of the participant suffering in terms of exercising of a profession or company (in which the damage exist of missing a connection c.q. not being able to arrive in time on the destination). Influencing and acting of not being involved third persons at the retreat;

Acting in violation of the law by the participant of the visiting country and possessing prohibited substances; 



Mistakes made by the airline companies;

consequential damage and delay damage;

Besides is MR not responsible for eventual commitments of staff workers or third parties, in which on knowable way is deviated on the prerequisite conditions, unless such commitments afterwards will be confirmed in writing. 

The named exclusions and restrictions in this article of responsibilities also apply on the enabled third parties designated by MR. In Spain/ Andalusia there will be offered various of excursions to join without obligation. Participation is totally on own responsibility and MR can never be held liable of the resulting damage, loss and/or injuries. 





10. Obligations of the participant

The participant is obligated to make known of relevant personal circumstances in which can be of influence on the retreat (like illness, handicap, allergies and age) with signing in. In case of a medical condition the participant has to consult in writing of the specialist in which is stated that the condition is no restriction to participate the retreat.

The participant is obligated to follow up the instructions to accomplish a good performance of the retreat and/of teachers of MR on sight. The participant is responsible of the damage resulting not to follow up the instructions. If the participant is making annoyance or making it hard to execute the retreat properly, or bringing the participants of the group of MR in danger, can be rejected of further participation. All the resulting costs are responsible of the account of the participant. 



11. Complaints

If a participant has a well-founded complaint, first discuss this with MR. In consultation we will search for a solution. If there is no satisfaction solution found for the participant, than the participant has to send a written complaint to MR. Within 14 days there will be a responds of MR.




Apparently mistakes and typesetting errors don't bind us. On no grounds there can be derive rights, or being held responsible for the content of the website of Magic Retreat. In the making of the content of the website is the greatest possible care being held. Despite there is a possibility that certain information (after a period of time) is not accurate (anymore) or deprecated. 

MR is not responsible for the eventual damage on ground of use of our website.